Barwell Cricket Club - Selection Criteria

Team Selection process

For the purposes of clarity and transparency, the following is the selection criteria for all teams. 

The objective is to select the strongest and most balanced squad of players to represent Barwell Cricket Club.

Barwell Cricket Club appoints a selection committee consisting of, but not limited to, team captains and vice captains, who ensures that the selection process is fair and productive. The following criteria shall be taken into consideration by the panel and shall form the basis of their selections.

  • Player's attitude toward fellow players, training, coaches, officials and the club.
  • Player's approach in terms of the level of dedication and commitment towards the game and reaching personal goals, both during training and during games.
  • Player's communication with the selection panel regarding circumstances that hinder your commitment to training and club social functions.
  • The relative standard of players cricketing ability, as well as their form, results and the potential they display.
  • Player's selection will also depend on team balance, and the needs of the team in respect to the form of the game (Including batting, bowling, fielding and leadership roles).
  • Conduct infringements & suspensions - All players are expected to display appropriate conduct when representing the Club, both on and off the field.
  • Player's fitness (Specifically in relation to injuries and on field fitness)
  • Player's individual circumstances or relevant considerations as communicated to panel.
  • Player's financial status with club as communicated to the panel by the Treasurer.

NB: Selection priority will go to players who have registered and paid their subs.

Progression/Promotion Process:

-       Form and performance: It is important to note that form and performance encompasses a player’s performances over a period of matches, potentially spanning several weeks, and not just a single performance.

-       Team balance: The squad will be selected with regard to team balance, both in relation to the spread of batsmen and bowlers in his team – including the type of batsmen and bowlers in the team – as well as wicket-keeper's.

-       Attitude and commitment: Player's attitude toward fellow players, training, coaches, officials and the club.  Also their attitude towards the team and as well as their commitment to training and team building.

Player Availability:

It is important that players include their details on the Facebook poll/ website and update their availability as it changes. This information will also be used by the captains/selection committee to pick the team. With an increasing numbers of teams and ever growing number of players, this becomes increasingly important. If you do not have access to Facebook or have limited access please contact the captains who will update your availability for you.

Cancellation/Unavailability process:

Players are to notify their Captains 48hrs prior to match day of cancellations/unavailability to a selected match. Failure to do this in the appropriate time can result in being not selected for future matches. Repeated offences will incur further suspensions/penalties.